Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Art of the Scowl

Most everyone can do it, I mean it's a simple contortion of the muscles in your face, however few have perfected it.
that's right, the scowl, defined simply as the contraction of the brow in order to express anger or disapproval. And nowhere is the scowl used more often than in the worlds of sports and politics. Consider this, both of these arena's currently have the two preeminent scowlers of our time-Dick Cheney and Bill Cowher. At first glance their scowls may look indistinguishable, yet a closer look reveals distinct differences.
Cowher's scowl seems more genuine than Cheney's, his is a classic scowl which is solely intent on eliciting fear in the victim. Cowher seems capable of unthinkable acts when that scowl is strewn across his face. So much so that I wouldn't be the least bit surprised that we find out Cowher was the driver of the car that hit Ben Roethlisberger (just to make absolutely sure he doesn't ride again).
On the other hand Dick Cheney's scowl seems contrived, as though he accidentally shoved something up his ass as a child and can't get it out. However, that's what makes Cheney's scowl so scary, the fact that the scowl is almost always present (Cowher's is dependent upon the situation) means its a reflection of his inner self. Cheney's scowl is as cold and dismissive as Maurice Clarret's new digs.
The question remains, who's scowl scares you?


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